Experience the town of Korčula! – TIPS (1, 2, OR 7 DAYS)

With its cultural landmarks and popular outdoor activities, excellent food and wines as well as beautiful beaches, Korčula provides a haven and a getaway from everyday stress!
Depending on your interests and the duration of your stay, we have selected several options to help you plan your stay on our beautiful island.
Walk the streets of the town of Korčula and take in one of the best-preserved medieval Mediterranean towns, renowned for its urban architecture.

Tips to discover the glory of the centuries-old traditions of the town of Korčula

Tip 01

St Mark's Cathedral and Bishop’s Treasury

From the bell tower of the St Mark's Cathedral overlooking the main square, you can enjoy amazing views of the town whose structure resembles a fish bone. Under the stone ciborium in the cathedral, there is an altarpiece by the Venetian Renaissance master Jacopo Tintoretto dating to 1550. Also, if you visit the Bishop’s Treasury, you can explore a unique collection, which includes many works of art and archaeological findings.

St Mark's Cathedral and Bishop’s Treasury
Tip 02


Find out more about the history, significance, and cultural achievements of the town of Korčula through 11 collections displayed in the Town Museum. Did you know that the islanders’ everyday lives were subject to the provisions of the Statute of the town and island of Korčula since 1214?

Marco Polo house
Tip 03


Visit the newly opened Interpretation Centre Marco Polo and find out more about the most famous man from Korčula and world explorer, who was captured beneath the town walls of Korčula in 1298.

Marco Polo house
Tip 04


Don’t miss the performances of the sword dance Moreška, and the old sword battle dances Kumpanija, performed in Pupnat, Čara, Smokvica, Blato, and Vela Luka, and Moštra, performed in Žrnovo on the island of Korčula.

Sword dance Kumpanjija
Tip 05


Religious traditions of the town of Korčula are linked to confraternities: Confraternity of All Saints (1301), Confraternity of St Roch (1575), and Confraternity of St Michael (1603). Confraternities’ processions are a unique experience, and the most impressive ones take place during Holy Week, on Good Friday, and on St Theodore's Day (29th of July), who is the co-patron saint of the town of Korčula.
In the hall of the Confraternity of All Saints, you can check out the liturgical jewellery, typical candles, and the Icon collection from the Cretan War.

Tip 06


The exhibition "Korčula wooden shipbuilding" by Dušan Kalogjera, also the author of the book "Korčula shipbuilding" (winner of the J. J. Strossmayer-HAZU award) and book "Korčula sailing ships in the 19th century" and the director of the Korčula Culture Center, Lana Filippi Brkić was opened on July 23, 2022 in Korčula's Loggia, a new gallery of the Town of Korčula. The exhibition shows a section of Korčula's wooden shipbuilding through history and it is divided into several areas: the history of shipbuilding from the 13th century, shipyards, sailing ships, types of ships, boat figures, shipbuilders, motorboats, tools and documents. All texts are at the same time also translated into English.

exhibition 'Korčula wooden shipbuilding' by Dušan Kalogjera

Collaborators at the exhibition were members of the Association "Korčula wooden shipbuilding" and Marija Hajdić, director of the City Museum of Korčula.
The exhibition will remain open until the end of the year, and will be open for viewing during July and August every day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
For groups min. 5 people from September the 2nd 2022 - advanced announcement required: +20 716 529
Text and photo: Lana Filippi Brkić

Tip 07


Enjoy the short boat ride ( taxi boat or water taxi) to the island Badija. The natural beaches on the nearby islets ("Škoji") in the archipelago of the Town of Korčula will give you a feeling of relaxation and relief. Sandy beach lovers will be delighted with beaches in Lumbarda, accessible by regular bus transport, by boat or by hiking through olive groves and the field of indigenous Grk wine variety.

Franciscans monastery Badija Korčula
Tip 08


Explore the island on foot or by bike, climb the hills, enjoy the mesmerising views, experience the stunning sunsets or engage in a different sports activity.
Fertile fields of the island are intersected with gravel roads, the most famous of which is Stari put or Marmont Road that follows the original route of the oldest path across the island of Korčula. The area known as Kočje, a nature reserve with the highest degree of protection, is perfect for hiking.

Korčula bike and hike
Tip 09


The fertile Čarsko field is the home to the best Pošip wines. In the wineries in Čara you can taste Pošip in the original ambience of this most famous wine from Korčula.

Čarsko field - Best Pošip wines
Tip 10


After a sightseeing tour through the Town of Korčula (walking tour of Korčula Old Town), start discovering one of the most beautiful and romantic islands.
From the Town of Korčula, along the northern coast, you will find a series of bays: Medvinjak, Žrnovska Banja, Vrbovica, Tri Žala, Oskorušica and Kneže. Račišće, a picturesque village with a centuries-old maritime tradition, is located in a beautiful bay, 12 kilometres away from the Town of Korčula.

Tip 11


From the smallest place on the island, Pupnat, on the road to Čara by the sea, you will reach the largest pebble beach of the island in Pupnatska Luka. Don’t miss out on numerous family farms which feature a rich offer of traditional dishes made from autochthonous ingredients.

Pupnatska luka - Korčula
Tip 12


If you are looking for adrenaline, sailing, kitesurfing, diving or kayaking are the right choice for you. For beginners, we recommend diving and sailing schools and local experts have created unique tours to bring you near to the tradition and lifestyle of the islanders.

Korčula adventure, sport and fun