Island Vrnik in Brief

50 m high, with the village of the same name, is the site of the oldest and the most famous Korčula quarry.
Only a few families today live in this picturesque village, and they let rooms and apartments to the guests.
Taxi boats from Korčula town run to the island only in high tourist season.

Island Vrnik short Tour



There are 29 quarries on the island.
Korčulans were skilfully working and selling their stone all over the Adriatic area. The high quality limestone from Korčula is incorporated in some of the best known buildings in the world such as the Haggia Sophia in Istanbul, the parliament in Vienna, the Stockholm Town Hall. The most beautiful of the public and private buildings in Dalmatian towns such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Kotor are also built from it.

Island Vrnik Korčula - Quarries


This millenium-long tradition has brought to the stage of contemporary Croatian culture the greatest sculptor Frano Kršinić and many others from Korčula island:
Radica, Pallavicini, Trpimir Ivančević, the brothers Ivo and Lujo Lozica, Stecca, Radovanović, Jurjević-Knez, Duhović and so on.

Island Vrnik-Korcula sculptors


In the vicinity of the old local school there is a church Our Lady of Succour, built in 1856.
During the summer months this school is used as a venue for exhibitions. On the island there is an old church of Our Lady of Succour, from 1674, that is located in front of one of the quarries on the northern side of the island.

Church Our Lady of Succour