Žrnovo - Postrana


The village of Žrnovo is situated 4 km away from the town of Korčula and it is a part the Korčula municipality.

Nearby there are recently grown inhabited parts located by the sea shore: Medvinjak, Žrnovska Banja, Vrbovica, Oskorušica and many bays, named «na defora» facing islands of Lastovo and Mljet.

Žrnovo is remarquably picturesque with its four hamlets Brdo, Prvo selo, Kampuš, Postrana.


Žrnovo - "St. Martin"
Košićev Zaglav

brdo, prvo selo, kampuš, postrana

Each of them is crowned by fascinated fairy tales landscapes, rural architecture, vegetation, Significant landscape Kočje ( protected area), a number of legends and oral traditions.
Žrnovo as a whole is very suitable for touring walkers which is an excellent base for developing local gastronomy.
Patron saints: St. Antony, on June the 13th –Brdo, St. Rocco, on August the 16th –Postrana, Nativity of the Virgin Mary, on September the 8th–Prvo selo, St. Martin, on November the 11th–Kampuš.

petar šegedin

Žrnovo, Postrana is Petar Šegedin's birthplace. He has been one of the top Croatian writers from the second half of the 20th c..
Every second year a reunion «Petar Šegedin days» takes place in Korčula and Žrnovo.

Postrana preserves its sword dance «Moštra» which is performed on August the 15.th.

Moštra is accompanied by bag pipes and a drumm. After ten different dance figures with swords, the play ends in general delight and the performing of popular dances by young people.

to remember

Particularities of the place to remember:

- Roman road and Marmont road,
- Ancient croatian wattle of the cimitery St.Vid church,
- Protected wild oak trees, Bilin kok cliff, Jakasova cave, Kočje

- «Žrnovski makaruni» - very local dish,

- Traditional gastro event «makarunada» in August;
workshop – teaching and tasting in which the locals and Korčulan guests take place.
Žrnovo - Šilotov Zaglav